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The “King of Beers,” Indeed 

When the snow melts but before the Canada Mayflower’s green shoots pierce the leaf litter, the winter’s accumulation of beer cans and bottles emerges alongside the road near our house.  Today, the day designated for roadside clean-up in Canterbury, we headed out, equipped with blue trash canterbury 4-13-13 016bags provided by the town recycling center.

Walking from the corner of Mudgett Hill Road to Shaker Road and back, we found  a few styrofoam containers, a small load of shingles, one empty pack of cigarettes, and some other shreds of plastic and paper.  But mostly what we found was bottles and cans.  And this gives me a scientific tool to measure the drinking preferences of local litterers (or the littering habits of local drinkers).

Today’s collection: 64 aluminum cans, 12 plastic bottles, and 29 glass bottles.

What always impresses me most about the roadside trash is Anheuser Busch’s commanding market share.  Within the AB family, Bud Light is clearly the most popular.  Of the 64 cans, 30 (47%) were Bud Light.  That brand also captured 48% in the smaller bottle category.  Counting other brands, AB made up 64% of the cans and 55% of the bottles. 

And that makes me wonder if Bud drinkers more prone to littering.  Or is Bud’s share of the market so commanding that these statistics show the company’s customers are more responsible than the average beer drinker.

Of course I have shared my findings with the company, via its web site.  I’ll let you know if they write back.

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