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Ash 3 Ash Eames 

A dozen people who were active locally in Central America solidarity movements gathered June 9 at World Fellowship to reminisce, catch up, and sing songs of liberation. 

The New Hampshire Central America Network formed in the late 1980s to provide greater cohesion for activists working to end US aggression against Nicaragua, El Salvador, and Guatemala.  Working out of a downtown Concord office, the Network kept local activists in touch with international developments, sponsored speakers tours and delegations, organized demonstrations, and let the state’s elected leaders know we opposed the imperialist policies of the Reagan and Bush I administrations. 

My own memories of the period include numerous local residents making visits toAndy & Lynn Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras; speakers from Central America cris-crossing the state; sit-ins in the offices of members of Congress; and lots of meetings (of course). 

Ash Eames, a Wentworth resident who was one of many New Hampshirites who traveled to Nicaragua with Witness for Peace, was the Network’s key convenor. 

The June 9 gathering included Ash, Deborah Stuart, Lynn Clowes, Andy Davis, Andrea Walsh, Paul Marcus, Paul Baker Hernandez, Jack Bopp, Craig Blouin, Beth Allen, Judy Elliott, and me.  

As we shared what significant memories and what we’ve learned, just about everyone talked about the importance of building community among activists. 

The NH CAN reunion was not officially on the schedule for World Fellowship, where the 2012 season gets its formal start June 25.

Click here for more photos.

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