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Kevin Powell:  “Practice something ancient called ‘love’”

“Can you say ‘action steps?’” Kevin Powell asked the crowd at the beginning of his speech at the Manchester NAACP’s annual Freedom Fund dinner.

The popular writer, speaker, and activist held the attention of about 100 people at the Puritan Conference Center in Manchester, where he touched on his own family background, the need to “pass the baton” to a new generation of leaders, and the urgent need to end violence against women, which he called “the number one human rights issue” of our time. 

Powell delivered six action steps.

Quoting Martin Luther King, Jr., he called for “a revolution of values,” based on the practice of “something ancient called ‘love.’”

Second, the elders deserve respect but need to get out of the way of a new generation of leaders.

Third, he stressed the importance of financial literacy.

Fourth, demand higher quality than what the culture industry is now peddling.

Next, we need to “take care of ourselves” through attention to diet and exercise.  Movement leaders need to set good examples, he said.

Finally, we need to pay attention to mental health, too.  “We’re no good to anybody if we’re not healthy and whole,” Powell emphasized.

Branch president Ernesto Pinder presented Excellence in Service Awards to Sandra Hicks, Rashida Mohammed, Caludette Williams, Bill Gillett, and the Rev. Bill Exner. 

The Manchester chapter of the nation’s oldest social justice organization will turn 50 years old next year.  For more information and to sign up as a member, visit their web page.

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