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Soon to be a Statistic

Life in a “Battleground State”

I just got off the phone with a pollster who asked to speak to the youngest male voter in the house.  That was me.  It was no surprise to get a “right track, wrong track” question at the beginning.  Pollsters love that question, but since it seems to assume the country is on a single track I refused to answer.  My pollster let that slide and went on to ask my opinion of Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, Kevin Smith, Ovide LaMontagne, Jackie Cilley, and Maggie Hassan and how I would vote if the election were held today.  (I helped her with pronunciation of “Ovide” and “Hassan.”)

At first the questions seemed even-handed.  Then she said something like, “President Obama has said the private sector is doing fine but the latest jobs reports show increased unemployment.” 

“Now I know where the sponsor of your poll is coming from,” I responded.  Then I explained that one of the reasons unemployment has been so high is because of layoffs in the public sector.  I told her that due to teacher layoffs in Manchester, classes this fall have as many as 40 kids.  

To other questions, I just said “that’s a lie.”   As to whether some factor would make me more likely or less likely to vote for Mitt Romney, I explained that nothing could make me less likely to vote for Mitt Romney.   (I told her I’d write her in for President before voting for Mitt, but she’s under 35 so she wouldn’t be able to serve.)

At the end she said she was calling on behalf of American Crossroads, a right-wing anti-Obama group headed by a bunch of GOP operatives.   The caller said she didn’t know anything about them.  It was an educational experience for me, and maybe the caller learned something, too.

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