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The Occupy New Hampshire movement  had its second General Assembly Sunday afternoon at White Park in Concord, where it affirmed the sentiment of Thursday’s Assembly in Manchester to base the protest movement in the Queen City.  Occupy New Hampshire will launch its action at noon, October 15, at Veterans Park.  

The Concord Monitor gives a decent account of the gathering, including the diverse voices that were represented.

As the Occupy movement takes root in the Granite State it will be interesting to watch what political messages emerge.  So far the Occupiers include a mix of ideologies, including labor liberals, socialists, and libertarians who may find it hard to find common ground.   According to the Monitor, the White Park  Assembly even included Tea Partiers.

From my perspective, the movement can be effective if it stays focused on the increased concentration of wealth in the USA, and the implications of inequality on our politics and economics.  After all, the current economic crisis was set off by the excesses of a deregulated financial sector, not by the excesses of “big government” or the existence of the Federal Reserve System.   We could certainly argue that the Federal Reserve should have been more vigilant in its regulatory role.  We could also rally behind calls to democratize the Fed.  But to focus on the Fed’s abolition, as some Free Staters and Ron Paulists seem to favor, would be a distraction.

Other potential distractions abound.  But whether this movement is itself a distraction from pressing issues like ending the wars and protecting workers rights, or whether the Occupy movement adds energy and expands the scope of campaigns already underway, remains to be seen.  

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