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frank mary 4-4-11

Clergy members and other people of faith resumed our State House prayer vigil yesterday and will return at 10 AM tomorrow to the hallway outsiLR outside rm 103 4-4-11de the Senate Finance Committee meeting to pray for a humane budget.

Thirteen religious activists joined yesterday’s vigil outside State House Room  103, where the Senate Finance Committee was listening to presentations from their House colleagues.

The Committee’s deliberations continue tomorrow, beginning at 10 AM.

During their vigils, the interfaith group has alternated between periods of silent reflection, spoken prayer, and readings from devotional literature. 

mark reads MLK 4-4-11 Several members noted that yesterday was the anniversary of Martin Luther King’s assassination in Memphis, where he had gone to support striking sanitation workers.  Mark Baker read a selection from Dr. King’s final speech.  

Yesterday State House Security agreed we could sit on floor mats outside Room 103 as long as we do not block the corridors, but they did say our singing was a problem. We are not trying to disrupt State House proceedings, but we do want the odell 4-4-11legislators to hear our prayers for a change of course and a change of heart.

The vigil will go on vigil during Senate Finance Committee meetings Thursday, Friday, and Monday, when the Senators will hear testimony from staff of the Department of Health and Human Services.  Please get in touch if you’d like to join. 

 group shot 4-4-11


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