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Hundreds Protest Outside Plant Gates

VT Yankee 3-20-11 004

A day after more than 500 people held a Japan Solidarity Vigil outside the gates of the Vermont Yankee nuclear plant in Vernon, Vermont, the Nuclear RegulatoryVT Yankee 3-20-11 028 Commission granted a 20-year license extension for the reactor, which has plagued its community with repeated accidents, and which has the same design as the melted down Fukushima reactors in Japan. 

We who live in the shadow of Vermont Yankee regard the people living near the Fukushima reactors as our sister reactor communities,” said Deb Katz of the Citizens Awareness Network.  “Their suffering is breaking our hearts, and it’s a suffering which, given the long-lasting effects of the radioactivity spewing from these melting-down reactors, could continue for many years.”VT Yankee 3-20-11 029

Communities in the reactor’s vicinity have expressed a desire for the plan to close on schedule next year.  The Vermont state legislature has asserted its rights to determine whether the leaky nuke should get a life extension, thus setting up a likely constitutional conflict with federal authorities.

The vigil was held near the Vernon Elementary School, which sits just across the road from the Vermont Yankee reactor.

Yesterday’s vigil was organized by Safe and Green, the Citizens Awareness Network, and the New England Coalition on Nuclear Pollution. 

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